Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

all about sungmin

1) Sungmin was born January 1, 1986
2) Sungmin became a trainee under SM Entertaiment after he won first place at the 1st the SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward appearance in 2001
3) He currently attends Seoul institute of the Arts, majoring in Broadcasting and Television Entertaiment
4) On August 2005, Sungmin appeared briefly in the MBC drama “Sea of Sister”
5) Sungmin is a descendant of the owner of Send A Bill
6)Sungmin is the Best vokal in Super Junior
7) at Sushow 2 Sungmin with yesung in busy with the musical drama “Hong Gil Dong”
8) Sungmin is the Eternal Member of family
9) Sungmin is multilalented boy beside Super Junior member other
10) because Sungmin has teeth like a rabbit so he was nickname “rabbit”
11) Sungmin love pink color ( All about pink color )
12) Sungmin is Good Taekwondo, play a some instrument, etc
13) Sungmin is the pumpkin King
14) Sungmin is anemic
15) Sungmin likes to play a piano in his spare time
16) Sungmin best friend in Super Junior is Shindong
17) Sungmin showers together with Eunhyuk
18) Sungmin favorite word is Sarang (사랑) or Love
19) Sungmin like Friday
20) Sungmin’s car is Honda Civic
21) Sungmin ideal girl : shorter then him, cute, acts cute a lot, sings, and like music

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