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110217 KBS President Update – Sungmin

On KBS2TV’s new drama “President” which was broadcasted on the 15th, Super Junior’s Sungmin challenged his acting skills for the first time. When Sungmin clenched his fist, it drew much curiosity from the people.

In “President”, Sungmin is acting as the son of Jang Il Jong (played by Choi Su Jong), who joins the election campaigns in hopes of becoming the President.

In the first episode, Sungmin prepares a party for his parents’ silver wedding anniversary* and supports his father in running for elections, showing an example of a “model child”.

However, on the upcoming second episode on the 16th, the situation would not be the same. Sungmin, who wants to show his capability as the eldest child, carries out invesitigations on the opponents, in order to use the information against them. This resulted in the refusal by his father, who is against children interfering in the elections.

Sungmin later told his mother: “Father does not listen to my suggestions. I must get approval using my skills”, and showed his determination.

The producers evaluated Sungmin: “Although this is Sungmin’s first time acting in a drama, he is able to understand his role and the script very fast. He displays an extraordinary passion when approaching his acting seniors for advice in acting.
From Wang Jihye’s interview
Idol group Super Junior’s Sungmin appears as your brother in the drama.
“I thought there was a big age difference between us, but we are the same age.  I was surprised.  Super Junior is the best among idol groups and I was surprised again, because he was really modest.  When Super Junior’s fans send coffees to the filming set, Sungmin gives them out to the sunbaenims himself.  Watching that, I thought I should follow his example.”

*Parts of the article have been omitted.

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