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. Annyeong haseyo chingudeul... ^^ this blog is one of the fanbase of SUPER JUNIOR, what we called E.L.F. the most powerful fandom!! hope so.

well, i'll introduce my self ^^ , 
I am an Indonesian ELF, 

Birth Name : Giva 

Korean : 김 선 나 

Japan : インナ なつみ

nickname : Giva, Sunna, Natsumi, Geea, Min,

date of birth : 22 May 1996

siblings : one older sister [ an ELF too], one younger brother and one younger sister

origin : Indonesia

height : 163 cm

blood type : B

religion : Muslim

activity : Taekwondo

Bias : The aegyo boy 이성민 

ok, i think that is enough for intro ^^ , Thank you .

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all about sungmin

1) Sungmin was born January 1, 1986
2) Sungmin became a trainee under SM Entertaiment after he won first place at the 1st the SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward appearance in 2001
3) He currently attends Seoul institute of the Arts, majoring in Broadcasting and Television Entertaiment
4) On August 2005, Sungmin appeared briefly in the MBC drama “Sea of Sister”
5) Sungmin is a descendant of the owner of Send A Bill
6)Sungmin is the Best vokal in Super Junior
7) at Sushow 2 Sungmin with yesung in busy with the musical drama “Hong Gil Dong”
8) Sungmin is the Eternal Member of family
9) Sungmin is multilalented boy beside Super Junior member other
10) because Sungmin has teeth like a rabbit so he was nickname “rabbit”
11) Sungmin love pink color ( All about pink color )
12) Sungmin is Good Taekwondo, play a some instrument, etc
13) Sungmin is the pumpkin King
14) Sungmin is anemic
15) Sungmin likes to play a piano in his spare time
16) Sungmin best friend in Super Junior is Shindong
17) Sungmin showers together with Eunhyuk
18) Sungmin favorite word is Sarang (사랑) or Love
19) Sungmin like Friday
20) Sungmin’s car is Honda Civic
21) Sungmin ideal girl : shorter then him, cute, acts cute a lot, sings, and like music

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name mean..


SHENG MIN — 晟 (splendor) 敏 (keen) → Sharpness
Sing Man
Vincent Lee

Nama aslinya Lee Sungmin, yang mengandung arti :

Kecintaan dan kebahagiaan, Perjalanan yang melelahkan, Pekerjaan yang sempurna

*ihhh lucu bgt si oppa xDD*

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Lee Sungmin


Birth Name: Lee Sungmin (이성민)
Nicknames: 밍 (Ming – given by ELF), Dahnobak (sweet pumpkin, his favourite food – given by ELF),  Pretty boy, Pink Prince, Pumpkin Prince, Aegyo Prince, Rabbit, Chick
Date of Birth: January 1, 1986
Height: 175cm
Weight: 57kg
Blood Type: A
Sibling(s): younger brother, Lee Sungjin
Specialty/Hobby: Chinese Martial Art, Acting, Watching Movies, Playing Instruments
Casted: 2001 SM Youth Best Contest
Education: Paekche Institute of the Arts


- 2005 Drama Sisters of the Sea
- 2005 Charnel House Boy (cameo)
- 2006 Variety Finding Lost Time
- 2007 Movie Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
- 2007 DJ Chunji Reckless Radio (천방지축 라디오)
- 2008 Variety Super Junior Unblievable Story
- 2009 Musical The Royal Musical “Akilla”
- 2009 MV S.E.O.U.L (with Super Junior & SNSD)
- 2009 MC Oppa Band
- 2010 Musical Hong Gil Dong
- 2010 MV Victory Korea (with Super Junior Happy)
- 2010 MV Seoul Summit – Let’s Go
- 2010 Drama President

101223 E04 - Sungmin cut @president

110217 KBS President Update – Sungmin

On KBS2TV’s new drama “President” which was broadcasted on the 15th, Super Junior’s Sungmin challenged his acting skills for the first time. When Sungmin clenched his fist, it drew much curiosity from the people.

In “President”, Sungmin is acting as the son of Jang Il Jong (played by Choi Su Jong), who joins the election campaigns in hopes of becoming the President.

In the first episode, Sungmin prepares a party for his parents’ silver wedding anniversary* and supports his father in running for elections, showing an example of a “model child”.

However, on the upcoming second episode on the 16th, the situation would not be the same. Sungmin, who wants to show his capability as the eldest child, carries out invesitigations on the opponents, in order to use the information against them. This resulted in the refusal by his father, who is against children interfering in the elections.

Sungmin later told his mother: “Father does not listen to my suggestions. I must get approval using my skills”, and showed his determination.

The producers evaluated Sungmin: “Although this is Sungmin’s first time acting in a drama, he is able to understand his role and the script very fast. He displays an extraordinary passion when approaching his acting seniors for advice in acting.
From Wang Jihye’s interview
Idol group Super Junior’s Sungmin appears as your brother in the drama.
“I thought there was a big age difference between us, but we are the same age.  I was surprised.  Super Junior is the best among idol groups and I was surprised again, because he was really modest.  When Super Junior’s fans send coffees to the filming set, Sungmin gives them out to the sunbaenims himself.  Watching that, I thought I should follow his example.”

*Parts of the article have been omitted.

[PIC] 110508 SJ-M @ Taoyuan Airport cr: Flora0419 on Twitpic

[PIC] 110508 SJ-M @ Taoyuan Airport cr: Flora0419 on Twitpic

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Cho Kyuhyun (조규현 / Jo Gyuhyeon) (lahir 3 Februari 1988; umur 23 tahun) atau lebih dikenal dengan nama Kyuhyun adalah penyanyi dari Korea Selatan yang merupakan anggota boyband dari Super Junior. Kyuhyun merupakan anggota yang paling terakhir bergabung dengan Super Junior sekaligus juga yang termuda (magnae). Kyuhyun termasuk salah satu lead vocalist di Super Junior.]


Kyuhyun dikenal setelah menjadi juara 3 dalam kontes menyanyi Chin Chin Singin Competition pada tahun 2005. Ia dikontrak oleh SM Entertainment Korea dan bersama-sama dengan idola Chin Chin lainnya menyanyikan ulang lagu DBSK yang berjudul "Hi Ya Ya". Sebelum ia bergabung menjadi anggota Super Junior, pada awalnya Super Junior adalah grup proyek yang anggotanya akan "lulus" setelah beberapa lama bergabung. Pada awalnya banyak fans yang kecewa dengan penambahan Kyuhyun ke dalam grup, namun dengan cepat ia diterima oleh fans sebagai member ke-13 dan terakhir dari Super junior.


Pertama kali Kyuhyun tampil di media sebagai anggota Super Junior pada liputan jacket photoshoot single "U", 23 Mei 2006. Penampilan debutnya adalah pada tanggal 26 Mei 2006 di SBS I-Concert, saat itu dia ikut menampilkan single "U". Penampilan tersebut juga adalah penampilan pertama Super Junior sebagai grup permanen dan bukan lagi grup proyek.


Kyuhyun ambil bagian di beberapa sub-grup Super Junior antara lain Super Junior K.R.Y dan Super Junior M. Di Super Junior K.R.Y, Kyuhyun bersama yesung dan Ryeowook membawakan lagu-lagu yang cenderung bergenre ballad dan menunjukkan kemampuan vokal mereka. Sementara di Super Junior M, genre lagu yang dibawakan tidak jauh berbeda dengan Super Junior, hanya saja berbahasa Mandarin. Kyuhyun menjadi salah satu dari 5 anggota asli Super Junior yang juga merupakan anggota Super Junior M, bersama Hankyung, Siwon, Donghae, dan Ryeowook. Selain ikut bergabung dalam sub-grup Super Junior, Kyuhyun juga tergabung dalam S.M. The Ballad bersama artis SM lainnya mulai dari Jonghyun-Shinee, Jay-TRAX, dan Jino yang merupakan artis baru di SM.

Tragedi Kecelakaan April 2007

Pada tanggal 19 April 2007 dini hari, 4 anggota Super Junior bersama 2 orang manager mengalami kecelakaan mobil yang mengakibatkan mereka harus dibawa ke rumah sakit. Kecelakaan serius tersebut terjadi ketika Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, dan Shindong kembali dari siaran Super Junior Kiss the Radio. Mobil mereka terbalik dan Kyuhyun, yang pada saat itu duduk di belakang kursi pengemudi, mengalami luka-luka yang paling parah. Kyuhyun mengalami patah tulang pinggul, juga patah tulang rusuk yang mengakibatkan pneumothorax, luka-luka di wajah, juga memar-memar. Ia tidak sadarkan diri karena terkejut. Ia berada di ICU selama 6 hari, sebelum kemudian dipindahkan ke ruang perawatan normal. Pada tanggal 5 Juli 2007, setelah 78 hari menjalani perawatan, Kyuhyun diperbolehkan keluar dari rumah sakit.