Selasa, 06 Desember 2011


. Annyeong haseyo chingudeul... ^^ this blog is one of the fanbase of SUPER JUNIOR, what we called E.L.F. the most powerful fandom!! hope so.

well, i'll introduce my self ^^ , 
I am an Indonesian ELF, 

Birth Name : Giva 

Korean : 김 선 나 

Japan : インナ なつみ

nickname : Giva, Sunna, Natsumi, Geea, Min,

date of birth : 22 May 1996

siblings : one older sister [ an ELF too], one younger brother and one younger sister

origin : Indonesia

height : 163 cm

blood type : B

religion : Muslim

activity : Taekwondo

Bias : The aegyo boy 이성민 

ok, i think that is enough for intro ^^ , Thank you .

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